Monday, October 9, 2017

New Word: Sexualpathic

Sexualpathic: Someone who has no shame, guilt or remorse when it comes to using people sexually. Sexualpathics have a tendency of disliking anyone who treats humans with dignity, love and empathy. They often find this attitude to be crude or foolish. They also have no respect for their fellow humans especially when it comes monogamy and marriage. Sexualpathics also often believe that self-indulgence is superior to that of serving the needs of your lover.

Sexualpathics are common and often found in rapists, cheaters, paedophiles and sex addicts.

Sexualpathics are addicted to power and often treat their partners as trophies or sexual conquests usually won over through manipulation and a misuse of their sexual energies. Sexualpathics will do just about anything to get with the person they want and don't care who gets hurt in the process including the families they break up. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Life Wasted

I've wasted my whole life trying to discover myself creatively. And in the process, was robbed of my childhood by my mother. My father sees this as an opportunity to waste my time doing the things he doesn't want to do himself. And in the process, robbed me of my adulthood. Society, see my struggles as a weakness, decided to rob me of my manhood and my ability to sustain a livelihood.

I wake up every day frustrated. I'm tired of all the dysfunction and instability I've been left with while my father treats me like a have not here to cater to his needs- like money- work harder than most people for the little I get in return. I'm tired of having to put aside my life to serve people who only use their situation to benefit themselves.

I hope someday this all changes and I have the free time to pursue my writings. I'm tired of this life. I want to live my own life but I feel that I'm so behind with everything that I'll probably end up homeless on the streets.

I don't want to wake up trapped anymore. I don't want to live a life at the mercy of people who put drugs and self-indulgence before that of their families and their fellow man. I want to be free. God save me from another thirty years of this pain. I want to be free. I want to live my own life and make my own mistakes and learn as I go. I'm tired of living in the shadow of people who've taken more than they give back. I'm tired of beating up my body for other peoples vices. I'm tired of having my life robbed by people who've had theirs handed down with the effort.

I hope someday this all changes. I hope someday I get to live the life I've somewhat dreamed of, a life with kids and a wife, a life with enough free time to write my stories. A life of my own, and not one handed down by people who put themselves before their own families.

May people learn from my frustrations and not get caught up with people who keep them down. It's unfortunate it had to be my own family. God save us all. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Stuck Up People

There's a lot of stuck up people in the world. Stuck up people are the worse. The irony is that not only is there a large community of stuck up people- but many of them don't read books- and still think they're better than the rest of us.

I don't understand how people can go through life that ungrateful. If you're really as great as your attitude makes you believe you are- chances are you're pretty much useless, you might be rich but in terms of skills and personality, you're pretty much useless.

I mean life has given these opportunities to grow but instead, you've spun it around into a game where you don't have to do anything but make others feel smaller than you. Petty. Small, weak petty people.

I hope you stuck up people all die off in a blaze of dysfunction so the rest can move on with making reality a better place for the rest of us. And when you do. You'll find me dancing on your grave. And whenever their's a rich bitch in the ghetto looking for someone to drag down with her daddy issues- I'll be there.  Whenever there's a rich boy sharing his first heroin needle- I'll be there. Whenever their's a rich kid dying from adds because they used everyone for sex- I'll be there- dancing on your graves like the old man from the Six Flags commercials.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


My biggest regret in life is focusing on creative endeavours instead of what's really important- competitive sports and making more money than the people around you.

I could have been a great capitalist with a nice suburban house, a trophy wife and kids who hate my guts.

And when my kids come to me and tell me they want to become an artist, instead of supporting their unrealistic aspirations, I could suggest welding or exterior painting as an alternative, and if they don't like it, kick them out of the house and force them to peddle their ass on the streets to politicians and businessman.

Because that's the American dream- not artsy fartsy crap like literature and chamber music- but money, and how having more of it makes you a genius.

And if I could only go back and time and be like, hey, quit being yourself and start being what everyone else expects you to be, such regrets, such regrets. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Great Drivers vs. Safe Drivers

Driving a car changes people from a tax paying loving parent and bleeding heart American into an outlaw. 

People actually think like NASCAR. The faster more aggressive you are on the road, the better of a driver and thus person you must be. 

"Hey, did you see how I slipped through those two semis trucks going 90 miles per hour in a school zone. I almost took out ten people. God damn I should have been a stunt driver. I'm the best thing that ever happened on the road".

It's so weird. One moment you're a decent hard working adult who obeys the laws. The next a raging danger to all mankind who crosses your path. 

I think people take speed limits as a suggestion like brushing your teeth.

I have to speed on the road just to not get run off it. I had a hillbilly almost bump my back tire to spit me off the road because I was going only three miles over the speed limit. 

How busy is your life? You live out in the middle of nowhere important. You're a loser like the rest of us. 

If being a cunt on the road gets you through your shit life and even shitty attitude then bump me off the road. I'm grateful for having met you. You're a really great guy and a truly important contribution to the human race. I bet you like to read books and treat everyone as equals. I also bet you think that not reading books is cool and having a nicer automobile than me makes you smarter. 

That's cool. I'd rather be a safe driver than a great driver. I'll idle behind and watch you swim across the interstate. "I guess I'd rather be a few seconds late than die in a few seconds. Which is ironic because I'll probably be the one who gets killed by one of these great drivers in their big boy Tonka trucks. 

And they'll spend the rest of their life's doing what they always do, not care about the general concerns of others or the fact that maybe the speed laws are based on a hundred years of trial and error. But they too will die and be forgotten. Remembered forever as an attitude of a time when people thought that having a bigger truck and more toys makes you the bigger man, then well, slowing down and realizing, that maybe, just maybe, you're a sad small petty person who uses speed as a way to mask the fact that you're weak, vulnerable and maybe, just maybe, a little ignorant. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We didn't Deserve to Have it End this Way

Did you ever have a girlfriend dump you on Facebook? I have. Sadface emoji. Well, she was an ex.girlfriend and she dumped me long ago. And she didn't technically dump me. She quit communicating with me until I finally got the clue. But the other day I noticed she unfriended me on Facebook.

I'll be honest. It saddens me a little bit. We have so much in common but to remove me from the website that people to seriously makes me shake my head in bewilderment. I should have listened to my initial instinct and stayed away from her- she's the kind of girl who only deals with temporary lust and hasn't matured enough emotionally and psychologically to be able to understand the depth and grace of commitment.

But what do I expect? I'm not much of a go getter. I'm more of a stop and observe what you're doing. I could see how girls would hate that. Bullshit is the mating call of the young of mind and the young of heart. There are marriages built on nothing but winning a girl over the heart of a man, usually by a boy.

Boys like to fight and play rough with both sexes equally and different but in erotically similar ways- which is why we have sports like Wrestling, Gymnastics. and foreplay. Men are strong of body and of mind. A man carries an inner power but also a grace. A man is both firm and flexible. A man has dignity, loyalty, integrity and a sense of justice and moral balance

 And women and ladies are already taken for. They can do better financially if they marry out of anything but love.

It's going to be hard finding someone who wants to grow instead of mope around and feel sorry for themselves. Which is a mean way of saying anyone who doesn't agree with .how I conduct my business? We can all agree on thing. Life hasn't turned out for anyone the way we wanted it. With the exception of a few.  And even they got gotta go outside and deal with erosion, death, and traffic delays.

Make the best out of life. I read I write, I create, I dream, I work and I work. I also play drums. You know, do that but only different. Or at least try something or some things new and see where it takes you.

Life is good.

I get to pour my thoughts out, both the vulgar and the sublime, to the Google Censorship committee who then decides what is and isn't funny. But for those rare few who fall upon my website, either net surfers or government officials search the internet for anything that would undermine their power and influence, I mean anything dangerous to public opinion.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Is it a Weakness to Tell other People your Business?

My answer is this: Yes, unless you're independently wealthy or you just don't care. Me. I usually just don't care. I often have to refrain from being way too honest. I've almost given away my social security number on Facebook just because it makes me feel liberated.

Some people don't like it because they'd rather live in their little bubble of self-protection. I call these people turtles. Some people don't need to know your business because they'll use it against you. I call these people snakes. And some people will think past your past and accept you for who you are becoming and not what level you came from and what you struggled through. I call these people Saints and respect them and in some ways, even want to be like them.

Telling people your business, that is about your life struggles and your personal life is a good way to acquire a sense of freedom because it takes you out of your comfort zone and exposes a part of who you truly are. It provides clarity as you recognize yourself instead of trying to pretend to be someone you're not or even acquiring the habit of hiding you from yourself.

Which is probably where the term comes from. I bet telling people your business is an old term from back at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution when a woman was property along with men, but most importantly black men, and not any of the other races of people who've ever been subjected to slavery, like everyone. People in the past didn't even make a low-end salary. They called it Wage Slavery.

This was back in a time when children were fair game in the factories. It's weird to think about. Nine-year-olds with supervisor positions not afraid to kick your ass while cracking dirty jokes during smoke breaks.

If you lived in that time period and you were a factory owner and like three kids a year died on y and one mangles his hands beyond repair every six months because the equipment is old and you don't care who dies, you throw out the body and replace it with someone fresh.

Are you gonna go around telling everyone your business???

And if you sell something like drugs or children. You probably shouldn't post that on Facebook. Some things are meant to be secret, like take your illegal activities and your childhood perversions. It's best that some things are left unsaid unless you're a comedian than the filter is pretty much non-existent.

I'm more open with complete strangers. I'm more open with family one on one. But that's what works for me. I usually don't post my business on Facebook because it gives my family the wrong impression of me. But with a complete stranger, it can leave the right imprint. I like that. It sounds sexy.

But anyways, yeah, whatever works for you with how you deal with telling people your personal business. I've met awesome people were both closed and open about their personal lives. It's more important with how you deal with that type of information. we all don't like having that information thrust upon us. But so what. Unless they're trying to make you an accomplice to murder then try giving that person some positive feedback. And maybe in the future, they won't feel it necessary to cry about their life.